Clifton PBA Local #36



The Clifton Policemen’s Benevolent Association, Local #36, holds our annual solicitation drive every December through March.  Your support will be greatly appreciated as this is our primary means for raising funds for the PBA.  Your donations are used to support local youth group activities and numerous charitable organizations within the City of Clifton.  As always, your donation stays here in your community where we can all see it work. 

Please take a moment and help the Clifton PBA #36 continue to support our community based activities by returning your contribution today. Any resident or business owner who contributes $50.00 or more will receive a Clifton PBA #36 car magnet with a pop-out PBA Shield sent to them via US Mail.  If you like to make a Donation please click HERE to fill out the form or to make a donation through paypal please click HERE. Also if making a donation through paypal please include you mailing address in the comment section.

Note:  The Clifton PBA Local # 36 DOES NOT endorse or conduct telephone solicitations.  If someone calls you and claims to be soliciting donations on behalf of Clifton PBA Local #36, DO NOT give them any personal or financial information.


           The Members of
                     Clifton PBA Local #36